Our mission is to address all of the major issues effecting today's youth. We have developed campaigns to shed light on topics such as bullying, teen suicide, violence, drugs, abuse, mental illness, illiteracy, poor self image, poverty and more. As our ministry continues to grow, we will be able to touch even more lives day by day. Each issue will have a dedicated team to support the specific cause.


It is our hope that, through our campaigns, we will bring more community awareness surrounding these issues. Our goal is not only to make the general public more knowledgeable, but more importantly, proactive. With a proactive approach, our outreach teams can reduce the number of at-risk children that exist today by targeting appropriate communities.


Our objectives include public awareness on major topics through live seminars provided by our Foundation's ambassadors and members of our Board of Advisors. We will have specific teams committed to world travel to provide humanitarian relief in highly poverished areas. We will also promote awareness through fundraising events hosted throughout the year.